Traeger Brothers has a number of committees that address issues of interest, value, and concern. All employees are encouraged to get involved in the company and in the community by joining one of the committees.


A highly customized ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) business software solution that supports the operational and administrative processes of Traeger Brothers has been implemented to increase efficiency, accuracy and productivity. Tech-savvy members of this committee search for new ways to customize the system to Traeger’s exact specifications.

For the Greater Good

When people rally to help someone in their family or Community, the Traeger Brothers family jumps into action. Learn More.

Health & Wellness

This brand new committee encourages healthy eating and healthy bodies. Members participate in Zoomba and Crossfit together and encourage each other to be fit.


You won’t find HGTB (Home and Gardens Traeger Brothers) on Home and Gardens Television! HGTB works to beautify the building and grounds. Latest projects include a redesign of the reception area, the J Gallery, and landscaping which included a 90 year time capsule planted on Earth Day 2014.


Hard working employees can always count on the Social Committee to make every occasion special – whether happy or sad. Latest projects include a farewell Bar-B-Que party for a longtime, dedicated employee and a fabulous 90th anniversary celebration.


Change is a good thing and the website needed a big update. Committee members met to discuss everything from aesthetics to content. Together, they created a brand new user-friendly site for visitors just discovering, as well as Traeger’s long time business partners.

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