Our Mission and Vision


You can rely on Traeger Brothers to deliver high quality products and exceptional service to your plant or job site promptly, correctly and competitively. Traeger specializes in creative solutions to product supply challenges, providing emergency logistics as well as total supply chain solutions. By trusting Traeger with the management of your material supply tasks, you can focus on your other challenges. One call to Traeger Brothers will get the ball rolling – then you can get back to your core business while Traeger handles the rest.


“Traeger Brothers builds on our proud family tradition to provide superior service and quality products at fair prices to our customers worldwide.”

Company Values

Values guide our behavior, and collectively, these behaviors determine how Traeger is perceived as a company. These values are the basis of a culture that enables superior performance in all aspects of business. They are constant reminders that it is not just a matter of doing what is required by law, but doing the right thing, every time, all the time.



  • Maintain an absolute commitment to safety for all employees and others.
  • Take active responsibility for the quality of service provided.
  • Take accountability for actions, decisions and results rather than placing blame.
  • Every employees’ work ethic and personal responsibility is critical to our success in delivering product and meeting goals, deadlines, and objectives.
  • Have a “can do” attitude and predisposition for action.

Open communication

  • Conduct all business dealings lawfully and with integrity.
  • Take actions that are consistent with words.
  • Be mindful of the impact words and actions have on the morale of others.
  • Foster a climate of trust and openness; helping people feel valued and appreciated.

Respect and celebrate diversity

  • Treat fellow employees and customers with respect and value their time, every time.
  • Appreciate and value each individuals’ diverse backgrounds and life experiences.
  • Effectively collaborate as a member of a diverse team; seek out diversity of thought.

Exceeding customers’ needs

  • Demonstrate consistency in meeting customers’ needs and creating a high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Maintain high performance expectations and a mindset of excellence.
  • Develop relationships with customers in order to best anticipate and satisfy their needs.

Commitment to excellence

  • Interact with colleagues to reach the best solution.
  • Value succeeding as a family while excelling as individuals.
  • Identify new opportunities and approaches for customers and the Traeger Brothers family.
  • Practice constant, continuous improvement for the good of all.
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