Warehouse Facility

Traeger Brothers is the oldest and one of the largest stocking industrial suppliers in South Florida. In 1924, Traeger Brothers established a name in the Miami marketplace and today are extremely honored to be recognized as the 23rd oldest South Florida Company by the South Florida Business Journal.

Miami, known as the gateway to the Caribbean, provides the prime location for this ninety year old company’s headquarters. Already well-established as an export company, 15 years ago Traeger decided to begin exploring sales opportunities in their own country.

The 30,000 square foot South Florida warehouse facility is well equipped with a fleet of trucks for delivery, forklifts for receiving and scissor lifts for maximizing inventory space. All materials are stocked safely behind doors away from any harmful environmental effects. Additionally, great care is taken in the storage of Traeger Brothers’ material. Stainless steel is stored away from other ferrous metals and only on cladded racking insuring that the passive film is not damaged.

The warehouse is an integrated facility that is managed by a seasoned group of professionals. Traeger Brothers stocks millions of dollars in inventory allowing for quick turnaround items. Other material is brought in and shipped out according to the well-established Traeger Brothers procedures detailed below.

Traeger Brothers is proud of their established triple-check policy. Sending out incorrect material is totally unacceptable. All items are subject to a thorough triple-check method from receiving, to documentation and through the shipping process. Traeger knows that on-time delivery is a crucial component of order fulfillment. Orders must be accurate, properly packed and labeled for both domestic and export, arrive undamaged and without delay.

There are many companies that claim they can do what Traeger Brothers does, but Traeger has a proven record. The right order, on time, every time. That is Traeger’s goal with every delivery, every customer. Our promise is our reputation!

The Traeger fulfillment process integrates a digital ERP system throughout the process. In addition, personal communication amongst all departments is essential to streamline operations and reduce any bottlenecks that may occur. Customers’ delivery deadlines are reassessed daily to make sure that all current orders and expedited orders meet their promised delivery date and time.

Traeger Brothers warehouse offers many value-added services such as bag and tag, kitting and consolidation of your shipment. Traeger Brothers can perform the same functions as our customers’ freight forwarder. The customer needs to involve only one vendor for their transaction as opposed to two vendors. During the 1960’s, Traeger Brothers owned a parallel company that focused on freight forwarding.

Although Traeger is no longer active in freight forwarding, all of the knowledge for export still exists. Need a container filled, or an airplane chartered? No problem.

Just as Traeger places a high importance on accuracy, they also place a high importance on education and safety. All personnel attend safety, Hazmat and export compliance meetings. Each employee has been trained and tested on product knowledge with coursework provided by the American Supply Association Education Foundation as well as regular manufacturer training classes. Warehouse protection is mandated for all employees. Safety gear such as steel toes, gloves, back braces and eye protection are a must. Additionally, personnel are not permitted in the warehouse without express approval from warehouse management.

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