Document Management

Document management is the capture, storage and retrieval of documents. Your required documents communicate indispensable information through the use of multitudes of documents types and formats. Without the proper documentation, shipments could be delayed or returned to the place of origin – costing your company precious time and money in the process.

Documentation is a critical component of international shipping. It’s essential to have all shipping documentation correctly prepared and the Traeger documentation team makes sure that all local, regional and international requirements are complied with, insuring that your products get to their destination and cleared into your hands without delay. The Traeger documentation team is dedicated to reliable, accurate, efficient, and complete processing of your order’s essential paperwork for proper shipment.

Exporting goods from the United States to a foreign country can be easy, for those who are trained in the rules. Enforcement for individual and corporate violators can include fines and jail time. There are many rules, and agencies that oversee them, including the Bureau of Census, Customs and Border Protection, the Bureau of Industry & Security, the Drug Enforcement Agency, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the Department of Defense, Department of Commerce, Department of Justice and more.

For basic information regarding the United States Export regulations, click here.

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