Logistic Services

One of the many ways that Traeger Brothers is easily distinguished from their “competitors” is Traeger’s command of worldwide logistics. Materials large and small can be delivered to the customer’s door, wherever it is in the world, quickly and economically.


Traeger’s emergency services can fly critical goods on an expedited basis to solve their customer’s problems without another phone call. This “One Point of Contact” service insures that the shipment is constantly monitored as it progresses from the manufacturer’s warehouse through to the customer’s jobsite. There are no fingers pointed, no excuses- only reliable delivery of critical goods.

Examples of Traeger’s emergency service include the manufacture and delivery of oversized, custom heat exchanger gaskets to a refinery with a unit down. In this scenario Traeger arranged for overnight expedited manufacturing, team trucking from the manufacturer’s location in Houston direct to the Miami airport, and a charter flight direct to the refinery. Although this service might be considered expensive on its face, when compared to the opportunity cost of dollars lost by the refinery every day their unit was down the price for this service becomes a bargain.

Another refinery’s fire damage caused a unit to go down for complete rebuilding. Traeger was tapped by the contractor hired by the insurance company paying the refinery for lost production. Through Traeger’s expedited supply of the parts required to rebuild the unit this insurance company saved millions in payments and the unit was restarted in record time. This effort required Traeger to charter two 727 cargo jets for shipment of the piping and insulation that was urgently required.

When an offshore drilling ship broke its main drilling shaft in deep water off the coast of Brazil, Traeger was called to get the drilling operation back into production. A new drill string was ordered and delivered to the airline – when the cargo was late arriving to the airport, Traeger used their special relationships with the airlines to delay the flight until the precious cargo could be loaded.

Traeger’s logistical skill is valuable to their customers when shipping bulk products by ocean; Traeger’s experience, knowledge and connections within the shipping world give them the skill set required to move tons of cargo by ship from factories around the world to the customer’s worksite with the best value and delivery times. Pipe, rock salt, Attapulgus clay, steel plates, fabricated structures and more have moved with Traeger’s expertise from factories worldwide through to the customer’s port.

Motor freight is managed through negotiated rates with nationwide carriers, allowing freight to move smoothly and economically from the factory dock to the overseas ship point. Small packages are moved as quickly as required through several services chosen specifically for their advantage in every shipping scenario. Airlines compete for Traeger’s business on their regular routes – from urgent cargo flights to regularly scheduled passenger airlines, Traeger’s shipments have all of the options available. Ocean carriers move Traeger freight around the world – and sometimes back again.

Traeger Brothers saves their customers time and money through their mastery of freight movement. Let them handle your critical shipments, and they will show you what they mean by the Traeger Advantage. One call gets the cargo moving; then you can get back to draining the swamp and chasing the alligators away, while Traeger manages all of the details.

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