Power Generation Industry


Electricity powers the world, and it can be generated in numerous ways. In nearly every instance Traeger products are involved. From pipes and valves to conduits and spare parts, Traeger’s products help generate and distribute electricity to communities throughout the world.

The simplest form of generation, used in smaller markets is low speed diesel. This method pairs a large displacement low speed diesel type motor with a larger electrical generator unit. Much like a ship’s power plant, these generating plants can burn fuel oil, bunker or diesel. They are easily scalable, can be brought on and off the grid efficiently and are relatively clean and efficient. Many Caribbean islands rely on low speed diesel power plants for their power generation needs. These facilities require fuel storage and transport piping, pumps, motors, steam traps and other ancillaries. Exhaust bellows, oil/water separators, pipe insulation and other components can be easily sourced from Traeger’s partner manufacturers. Shafts, bearings and controls are all necessary, and can be provided quickly and economically by Traeger’s sales technicians. Valves required in the water cooling system can often include JIS or DIN flange designs and dimensions, and the power plants are often sourced from factories in Asia. These valves, such as angle globes, non-return stop check globe valves with cast iron bodies and bronze trim are all available through Traeger’s international marine suppliers.

Converting oil, gas, or coal into electricity through boiling water and a steam turbine is a longstanding process, and one that is constantly becoming more efficient. Moving and storing the fuel, converting its heat in the boilers into steam through the heat exchanger tube process and conveying that steam to the turbines requires material that Traeger Brothers specializes in. High temperature chromium alloy pipes and fittings, boiler tubes, and high pressure carbon steel gate and globe valves and other Traeger products are all required to create and regulate a reliable steam turbine process.

Nuclear power plants have the highest level of stringent requirements for the materials that are involved in their process and their operators welcome Traeger’s participation when they are maintaining or repairing their plants. When it’s time for an upgrade, it’s time for Traeger’s delivery trucks to make the trip to their gate.

Renewable energies, while not traditional for Traeger also require materials that are common to the other power generation methods. For example, solar thermal plants that generate steam through a system of mirrors that focus the sun’s heat require high temperature piping to transport the superheated steam to the turbines. Photovoltaic arrays can use Traeger’s cables and conduit. Geothermal plants utilize heat from the earth to generate steam and spin turbines, again through steel piping.

Waste to energy? Sure. Can Traeger support a biomass burning power plant? Of course they can. Even wind energy can supported through Traeger’s electrical distribution hardware manufacturers. Of course each of these installations are full-fledged industrial plants, and as such require tools, safety equipment, instrumentation and controls, which can easily be supplied through Traeger Brothers’ industrial team’s experience and connections .

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