Renewable Equipment Industry

As the world’s industry goes “Green” many different methods of power generation are being tried and developed. Adapting existing infrastructure to accept alternative fuels is one area in which Traeger is involved. Solar thermal power generation requires pipes and boiler valves and equipment, which Traeger supplies. Geothermal is another steam turbine generation process. Wind, ocean and photo-voltaic all require conduit and wiring, which Traeger’s manufacturers provide.

One power generation customer in Florida built their thermal solar plant with steel pipes, valves and fittings from Traeger Brothers. This system of mirrors concentrates the sun’s energy onto a collector, which flashes water into steam. This steam is used to feed the companies’ existing turbines, allowing their natural gas feed to be dialed back on sunny days.


Superheated steam can demand high-chromium alloy pipes and valves; Traeger has a ready supply of A335P22 pipes, A182F22 valves and forged fittings for this type of service.

Alternative fuels such as propane, natural gas and even biofuels can replace traditional fuel oils as boiler feed stock. These fuels require specific gaskets and piping suited to their particular characteristics. Gas supply might use HDPE pipes with butt weld or electrofusion fittings. Biofuel refineries will require gasket elastomers that can withstand the particular corrosive characteristics of their particular chemicals. Power plants that tap the methane created by landfills as they decompose also require a special HDPE piping design.

Waste to power and bagasse burning plants need the same conveyor products as the coal industry, and of course the boilers and steam generation equipment require the steel piping that is Traeger Brothers’ specialty. Those companies that seek to refine ethanol from sugar cane or switch grass will find Traeger’s stainless steel pipes, valves and fittings especially helpful in their plant construction, repair and maintenance.

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