Data Center and Cable Management Industry

Aggregation/Core Switching and Routing

For over ten years, carrier grade equipment from Extreme Networks has proven to be a powerful solution. Traeger Brothers currently provides Core Infrastructure product to over six core networks within the Caribbean region. In addition to hardware, Traeger and Extreme, provide Caribbean specific top level support and service further insuring success and reliability of the network.

Broadband Access

Traeger works with providers to design robust network solutions that enable the needs of increased bandwidth which provide broadband services such as IPTV and MPLS.

Cabinets, Enclosures, Racks, and Cages

Traeger distributes a complete line of products as well as custom enclosures to give customers a complete solution. Wall mount, 19”, 23”, closed, open, ventilated, plexi-door, etc., Traeger has the equipment you need.

Cabling and Cable Management

Keeping your cables organized and bundled is important to a well-managed data center or network closet. Traeger has a complete line of patch panels, jumper cables – copper & fiber, Cat5e, Cat6e, shielded, unshielded or plenum, bulk and boxed cables.

Carrier Ethernet

Traeger Brothers works with manufacturers to provide customers with modern network solutions that help deploy services quickly and efficiently. Carrier Ethernet is a focus offering provided by Traeger.

Data Center

Traeger partnerships with manufacturers provide carrier grade data transport with the absolute best speed, throughput, support and reliability.

To meet the ever increasing demand for more bandwidth, regional service providers need a network that can deliver the data required and be ready for future growth. Traeger Brothers provides clients with end-to-end solutions from the central office to outside plant.

Traeger Brothers has partnered with industry leading manufacturers such as Extreme Networks, to provide customers with the most resilient and fastest equipment available. Because of these partnerships, Traeger is able to provide the support required to ensure continued success and security of your network. Allow the Traeger team to assist in design and implementation your network to ensure the best possible success.

Multi-Service Access

Today’s networks are constantly changing, and as a result, there are a mix of legacy and IP traffic riding on a single network. Traeger provides the gear need to help merge those technologies. These approaches help to provide a hybrid solution to efficiently transition from a legacy to an all IP data network. Legacy of Ethernet or Ethernet over legacy – Traeger can meet your needs.

Optical Transport

Fiber is the backbone of most networks and is the best way to transfer high bandwidth over long distances. With experience providing product for many GPON deployments, Traeger has the complete solution for transporting and delivering to the customer premise over fiber media.

Patch Panels and Connectivity Solutions

Traeger distributes a comprehensive line of patch panels, fiber connectivity products, fiber transceivers, patch cords, fanout cables, fiber media converters and accessories.

Service Provider

Traeger Brothers networking team’s core business is the Service Provider market. Over the years, Traeger has provided a majority of core network equipment to every provider in the Caribbean. Traeger distributes best of breed solutions from the customer premise to the central office. Let Traeger be your solution provider from outside plant to routing and switching. By partnering with select manufacturers, over the last 25 years, Traeger Brothers has learned to create a unique synergy between clients and factories in order to provide one of a kind support and solutions throughout the world.

Supply chain and logistics expertise give clients the peace of mind they need to effectively run their business and leave the details to Traeger. The technical sales staff has the years of experience required to respond to your inquiry quickly and accurately, adding value through a thorough understanding of your requirements.

Synchronization / Timing

Traeger Brothers carries a complete line of switching and multiservice gear with timing to improve network quality and provide mobile backhaul.

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