Inside Plant Products and Services

Customer Premise

Customer premise and demarcation may have a network co-location or be as simple as a NID and some jacks. You can find your solution here.


Cabling and Cable Management

Keeping your cables organized and bundled is important to a well-managed data center or network closet. Traeger has a complete line of patch panels, jumper cables – copper & fiber, Cat5e, Cat6e, shielded, unshielded or plenum, bulk and boxed cables.

Cat 3/5e/6

Traeger carries a complete line of inside and outside cables including legacy cat 3 wire. The trend today is to be future-ready with an 8 pair cable such as a Cat 5E or 6.


Solutions for the central office, pole and inline splices, and customer premise for complete connectivity throughout your network.

Fiber and Copper Raceway

Traeger distributes a complete line of raceway, trays and other material needed for the management of your cabling.

Inside Plant / Premise

Inside plant and premise are a large part of the coastal business and inventory is specially designed for the harsh Caribbean environment. The supply has items such as gel filled jacks to protect against corrosion and gel filled network interface devices (NIDs) at the demarcation point. Find a full line of cabinets, patch panels, cat5e & 6 cable, station wire, cross-connect wire, as well as custom cabling for all your needs. Traeger distributes a wide range of phones for the premise – POTS, digital and VoIP.

Drop Wire

The pole to the customer is as important as or more important than the entire network. You can have the best infrastructure, but if the drop is poor, your customer will suffer. You will find a full line of drop wire that meets the demands of the modern data intensive environment. Along with the traditional ADP drop wire, a full line of high-speed drop wire such as CAT5, 5E, and 6, filled and air core are in stock.


Traeger carries a full line of legacy equipment for your network. The most common jack is a filled, tool-less jack to provide years of trouble free service. Help reduce truck rolls by using a filled product to protect against the harsh salt air.

Patch Cords – Copper/Fiber

Traeger Brothers carries their own line of custom made patch cables for your requirement – any size, any gauge and any fiber count, MMF, SMF.

Patch Panels

Let Traeger be your resource for all your central office needs by providing a complete line of patch panels to meet all your needs and provide solid connectivity throughout your network.

Traeger distributes a comprehensive line of patch panels, fiber connectivity products, fiber transceivers, patch cords, fanout cables, fiber media converters and accessories.

Power Products

Traeger carries a complete line of power products for AC/DC power, UPS systems, modular UPS systems, PoE, and any other requirement for your network.


Cable management is important to maintain an organized environment. Traeger carries a complete line of trays and raceway for your central office and co-location facilities.

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