Outside Plant Products

Service Providers and governments have long turned to Traeger for complete infrastructure solutions and equipment. Traeger Brothers distributes a full line of outside plant products including copper cable, fiber cable, splicing requirements, closures, hanging hardware and burial products.

Traeger’s large inventory of pole line hardware and cables, combined with their knowledge of harsh weather conditions and the logistical challenges to serving the Caribbean have proven to be an invaluable asset for their customer’s time sensitive large infrastructure and outside plant expansion projects.

Traeger Brothers is one of the leading fiber optic cable suppliers and also distributes a complete line of OSP products. Hanging hardware, nuts, bolts, splices, cabinets, Fiber Cable, Copper Cable, specialty cables, Filled Figure 8, drop, CAT6 dropwire, self-support and direct burial, duct and innerduct.

Black Jacket Cable or OSP Cable

Traeger has a complete line of copper and fiber cables, self-supporting, aerial, and burial.



Traeger carries a full line of closures for copper, fiber, pole mount, hanging, splicing or repairing.


Solutions for the central office, pole and inline splices, and customer premise for complete connectivity throughout your network.

Copper Cable

Traeger specializes in the copper cables needed for harsh climates. Whether it’s filled cable, solid skin (PE-39), foam skin (PE-89), self-supported fig.8 air core (PE-38), and self-supported fig.8 filled core (Sealpic-84-FSF), Traeger can meet your requirement.

Fiber Duct

Fiber duct is the best way to insure a smooth installation with room to grow. Traeger provides a full line of pre-lubricated or smooth duct with or without pull tape.

Inner Duct

When working with existing infrastructure, inner duct is useful to run in pre-existing conduits. Traeger carries a full line of flexible inner duct, smooth wall, corrugated, pre-lubricated with and without pull tapes.

Rigid Duct

Buried cables protect against the outages due to storms and high winds. Traeger Brothers carries a full line heavy-wall telephone ducts designed to protect your cables.

Fiber Cable

Traeger distributes a full line of fiber cables, including but not limited to: pushable fiber, loose tube, single armor, filled, dry, dry-tape, aerial, fig.8, and all-dielectric.


Fiber to the home, business or premise is the way of the future. Traeger is here to provide you with all the cabinets, NID, premise and splicing to help deploy your network. GPON is the most common FTTX architecture in the Caribbean and Traeger, along with their partners, are here to assist.


Network Interface Devices are needed for all premise applications at the demarcation point. Traeger carries a full line of NIDs with/without protection, gel sealed for resistance to moisture, tool-less, with voice/data splitters, modular, and expandable.

Patch Panels and Connectivity Solutions

Traeger distributes a comprehensive line of patch panels, fiber connectivity products, fiber transceivers, patch cords, fanout cables, fiber media converters and accessories.


Distribution pedestals are essential in any network. Traeger carries a full line of metallic and non-metallic pedestals. Non-metallic based product are the most prevalent in the coastal environments because of the salt air.

Pole Line Hardware

Find all of your nuts, bolts, hanging hardware, splicing and requirements for installing, dropping, hanging, lashing, strand, or burying your infrastructure at Traeger.


Surges and lightning strikes can wreak havoc on a network with unnecessary truck rolls and wasted labor. Traeger has complete line of protection products from leading manufacturers.

Pulling Accessories

Installation requires you to either pull, blow, or a combination of both to run your cables. Traeger carries a complete line of pulling hardware and accessories from leading manufacturers.

Utility Poles

Traeger distributes a wide variety of utility poles for the telecom and electricity industries and can provide your poles with PENTA, CCA, Copper NAPTH or any other treatment to meet your requirement.

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