How Does Your Supplier Stack Up Against Industrial Valve Distributors?

The measure of great valve distributors is their ability to provide their customers with the valves they need from stock on a regular, ongoing basis. This is always an important factor to consider.

Most valve distributors will have the basic sizes and valve types, but not all suppliers will offer small to large valves on-hand and in stock ready for shipping. True industrial supply companies will have valves up to 24 inches, ready to install in new construction, for repairs or when there are emergency situations that require immediate rush shipment.

Basic Valve Types

Before working exclusively with one industrial supply company for all your valve needs, take the time to speak to a representative about their inventory. You will, of course, want to verify they have the typical valves you use in stock, but also check they have or have access to supplies of some of the valves that are not considered standard that you require on your jobs.

Make sure the company has ball valves, butterfly valves and gate and globe as well as check types of valves for any industry and application. Many suppliers offer a wide range of manufacturers, allowing you to choose the industry leaders for quality valves of all types.

Special Products and Unique Valves

Modified and specialty valves will also be available through superior valve distributors. These distributors will work with your requirements, then forward correct valves with their offer for the modifications or customizations you require.

The manufacturer will then produce the valve and either send it to the distributor or, for expedited arrival, ship directly to your location.

Finally, make sure the company you choose for commercial and industrial valves has the expertise and experience in supplying to your industry. This provides you with a trusted partner to help ensure orders are correct and even troubleshoot challenges you may be facing with installation or valve choice.

For a trusted partner for your valve needs, call the team at Traeger Brothers and Associates. We are available online through our contact page or by phone at 305-371-5551.

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