Industrial Distributors For Gas And Oil Companies

Industrial distributors are companies that are suppliers of equipment, products, supplies or other materials. Distributors and suppliers are products of a system where it outsourcing certain services is an integral component of achieving production and productivity goals. Traeger Brothers is a distributor and supplier for many different concerns including the highly demanding and challenging oil and gas industries.

The Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry consists of a multi-part, complex alliance of diverse entities. Producers, refiners, transportation systems and sellers all play a role in seeing the product move from the ground to market. Producers work with many suppliers globally to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. This often requires creative and innovative solutions to overcome the logistical supply challenges. As is the case with most industries, outsourcing of the supply requirements is standard practice.

Why Outsourcing the Supply Chain Is Necessary

As industrial distributors for the oil and gas company, trained Traeger personnel are responsible for supplying specific materials and services for the oil and gas companies. They outsource this aspect to us as a means of achieving specific goals. Outsourcing such services are one means to accomplish a variety of requirements including:

  • Reducing overhead by removing the need to employ specialized staff and provide training and space for inventory and employees
  • Ensuring the products/services are available
  • The ability to keep abreast of the latest technology
  • Introducing sustainable cost reductions and, with them, improved profitability
  • Allowing the company to focus on its core competence tasks

Traeger: Industrial Distributors

The oil and gas industry is a complex production entity. Its supply chain requires tight management. As industrial distributors for these industries, Traeger Brothers is there to work closely with them and their representatives to ensure they receive the supplies they need, meeting the challenges time after time. We greet and defeat every logistic test to help your company continue to meet its commitments to shareholders, employees, and customers.

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