Reasons To Choose Traeger Brothers As Your Steel Pipe Supplier

When it comes to steel pipe; for industrial, commercial and residential applications, Traeger Brothers and Associates understand that contractors have a lot of choices. With more and more international companies selling steel pipe online, the competition is on a global level, but there are distinct advantages that we can offer that other suppliers simply cannot.

To discover the differences that we offer over other steel pipe suppliers, let’s take a closer look at our business and the areas that we place importance in ensuring the best products on the market for all of our customers.

Best Quality of Steel Pipe

We have made our reputation as one of the top steel pipe suppliers to the Caribbean, throughout Florida and Texas as well as in Latin America through the quality of pipe we supply.

All of the pipe we sell is from recognized manufacturers with a commitment to quality control throughout the manufacturing process. Our steel pipe comes in different grades to allow our customers to choose the option that is best for a specific application.

We also offer triple stenciled pipe, which means that it meets the three most common specifications of API 5L, ASTM A52 and ASME A106 at the Grade B designation.

Welding Options

With our customer base across so many different industries, we are also able to offer seamless and welded pipe within a full spectrum of diameters as well as alloys. This also includes a full range of wall thicknesses, including those that are used exclusively in high-pressure types of applications. We can provide pipe to your specific welding requirements, including electric resistance and double submerged arc welded if required.

As one of the top steel pipe suppliers, we are also able to supply cement lined pipe, which is often required by our customers in the Caribbean. For this, or any other steel pipe orders, give us a call today at 305-371-5551.

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