The Promise Of PE – HPDE Supply Company To The Oil And Gas Industries

Stainless steel and other metals have dominated the oil and gas industry for years. Pipes stretching across the country and around the globe are constructed of metal – or have always been until fairly recently. Today, polymers continue to make inroads as the industry fully realizes the advantages of using them and turn to those who can provide them with a polyethylene (PE) or, better yet, a high-quality, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) supply of piping.

Why Polymers?

Plastic piping is not a new concept. Residential and commercial plumbing increasingly employ it with excellent results. However, using plastic or polymer piping in the oil and gas industry may seem questionable until you take the qualities of this material under advisement. PE is:

  • Abrasion and break resistant
  • Corrosion-free
  • Flexible
  • Capable of withstanding harsh chemical environments
  • Can tolerate high external loads
  • Long-lived –an average estimate of between 50 and 100 years
  • Allowable leakage rate of zero compared to the 10 to 20% of other materials
  • Easy to install

Moreover, PE pipe is low in terms of maintenance and overall costs.


HDPE pipe has found several uses in the oil and gas exploration industry. Traeger is one of the current HDPE supply companies available to provide the industry with this means of transporting hydrocarbons and water as well as other chemicals and materials. HDPE pipe meets the challenging demands of the industry. Its flexibility and durability make it one of the toughest pipe systems available. As a high-performance pressure pipe, it not only offers a high quality, reliable performance, it also saves money.

Traeger: An HDPE Supply Company

At Traeger, we can help your company obtain the cost-cutting measures it needs without sacrificing quality or performance. As an HDPE supply company, we know the demands of oil, gas and even mining industries for reliability, flexibility, durability and toughness in their piping. HDPE pipe provides your company with a viable and money-saving option to steel.

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