When To Consider Custom Industrial Pipe Fittings

The ability to match the specific pipe fittings, valves and pipe to the needs of our customers is our specialty at Traeger Brothers and Associates. In most cases, and for most applications, our extensive network of suppliers allows us to find the perfect part for our customers in very short order.

As we have been in business supplying the Florida, Texas, and West Carribean construction industries since 1924, we can often talk to our customers and determine just what they need. Then, our team will contact the manufacturing that makes those specific industrial pipe fittings, valves or other components and we can have them quickly delivered to your location of choice.

For more standard orders of commonly used industrial pipe fittings, valves, and pipe needs, our in-house inventory is typically all we need to check. We have warehouses throughout Florida, Texas as well as in Curacao in the West Caribbean, and we can draw from the closest warehouse to speed up delivery and to assist in effective supply chain management practices.

Special Requirements

However, now and then we work with a customer that has a unique challenge. This is often in finding just the right industrial pipe fittings for a specific job or application.

With the ability to create a unique fitting with the bend angle or the specific shape you require, our in-house pipe bending shops can complete your order. This ensures that the custom design will be to your exact specifications, which can result in a simplified installation that requires fewer materials, helping to keep costs down.

As with all of our industrial PVF components and materials, everything we ship is checked for accuracy and quality control when the order is placed, when it is received to be filled and also before we ship. We also guarantee that all of our orders are fully export compliant, allow you to place standard and custom orders with Traeger Brothers and Associates with complete confidence in the shipment you will receive.

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