Our goal is to know, understand, and exceed your expectations.

Since 1924 Traeger Brothers has been dedicated to providing the best materials and customer service in the PVF industrial supply industry, rapidly raising to a leader among top industrial distributors. Focusing on enhancing your customer experience is our priority.

Alliance Agreements

Need to stabilize costs and take a load of paper off your buyer’s desks? A Strategic Alliance with Traeger Brothers can do all this and more! Give Traeger all of your PVF business and expect a stable price for the duration of our agreement. No more going out to quote for your everyday industrial PVF requirements – just send your POs and Traeger will handle the rest.

Custom Industrial Pipe Supply Solutions

What are your specific industrial material supply needs? Central warehousing for several offices or job sites? Inventory costs out of control? Air freight breaking your budget? Speak with one of Traeger’s custom supply advisors and they will craft a unique solution just for you.

Emergency Expediting

When your process unit’s downtime is measured in hundreds of thousands of dollars per hour, call the Traeger Brothers emergency hotline to get your industrial valves or other repair parts in the air and on their way. Heat exchanger gaskets (extra-large) overnight to Curacao? Draw works main shafts for drill ships anchored off the Brazilian coast? 727s full of pipe and insulation to Aruba? Pumps to the Dominican Republic? How about engine blocks to Angola? Been there, done that. From industrial supply to Houston through to HDPE supply in Honduras, when the wheels fall off your cart, dial Traeger Brothers.

Fill In Top off and Finish Up

So your project is almost complete, you are just missing the last few industrial pipe fittings you need to finish up. There were field changes to the plans, or parts were left out of your bulk shipment. Either way, you need them yesterday. Traeger, the industrial valve suppliers of choice, to the rescue! Wherever your job site is, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe Traeger can get those last minute items to you on time and correct so you can finish up your job, get paid and go home!

Hard to Find Items

Traeger loves a challenge. It’s what keeps them excited about going to work every day. Send that file from the corner of your desk – the one that nobody else could help with. As expert check valve suppliers and PVF distributors, our Industrial team offers hundreds of years of combined experience. Our team of researchers will help identify and source a replacement.

Job Trailers

Big project coming up? Why come to a standstill over a 1” forged steel 90? Let Traeger ship over a container pre-stocked with the common products and consumables required on your upcoming project. Gaskets, stud bolts, small bore fittings and valves can all be included in a custom designed job-specific container.


Tired of sorting through big piles of materials to find just the right ones for your job? Kitting solves that problem. Send your order divided into bills of material for each part of your job. Traeger will divide up your PO and sort it onto pallets and boxes, each with exactly the material required to complete that portion of the job. Send your bill of material, and Traeger will bag & tag just those items on a pallet and deliver it to your job site.

MRO Warehouse Management

Can’t seem to keep everything in stock when and where you need it? Air freight charges driving you up the wall? Let Traeger Brothers manage your inventory!

Follow the example set by Traeger warehouses, located on the property of an overseas refinery. In this Strategic Alliance agreement, Traeger owns and manages the refinery’s MRO stock. All of the everyday valves, fittings and flanges needed to keep the refinery running are in stock, guaranteed.

Stock-outs eliminated. Air freight charges? Gone. Inventory carrying costs are contained. Your total cost of ownership is reduced dramatically, and efficiency is increased.

In the initial evaluation, Traeger’s inventory specialists will review your current stock and usage history, consolidate part numbers, set min/max/safety stock levels, and propose cost savings measures. A stocking inventory item list and contract prices can then be set, and ownership options discussed.

Quality Assurance / Traceability

All of Traeger’s products are certified to meet the appropriate industry standards, and are backed by the manufacturer’s warranty. Material test reports that verify the chemical and mechanical properties, production testing and treatments are available with every purchase. Many brands including Kitz, Smith, Penn Machine, Lamons and Weldbend are included on the approved manufacturer lists (AML) of most major refiners. Traeger can also arrange PMI (Positive Material Identification) testing from an independent third party testing agency. Third party inspectors frequently visit the South Florida warehouse, ensuring that when you buy industrial pipes in Florida from us, you’re purchasing exceptional merchandise made to the highest possible standards.

Steam Analysis / Conservation

Traeger Brothers offers a full range of steam products for our customers – your source for steam, air, and hot water systems. Traeger offers more than just products! Ask your agent about sizing and selection software, educational classes, and in-plant steam analysis & conservation surveys.

Stringent Requirements

Are you having difficulty finding a supplier that understands your exacting requirements for supplying products to your facility?

Do you have specific documentation requirements, or need to have the materials delivered with a certificate of compliance?

Traeger does that for you.

Do the invoices need to be in two languages?

Our customer’s do already.

How about Certificates of Origin? Material test reports? Material Safety Data Sheets? Hazardous Packaging?

ECCN numbers, Schedule B numbers are all a part of our daily routing.

Do your MTRs need to be EN certified?

Traeger’s are.

Do your orders require delivery DDP?

Traeger is set up for that.

Caricom Invoices?

Ready to print.

New US Export requirements are stringent – let Traeger be your partner to navigate the requirements without stress.

Whatever your hard to meet requirements are, let Traeger help you to become more efficient and profitable.

Valve Automation

Traeger Brothers offers a complete line of valve automation and accessories. Traeger can provide linkage kits for virtually any valve to actuator combination required. The staff can assist in selecting and sizing actuators and the accessories and providing a complete package fully assembled and 100% tested.

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