Fasteners, Abrasives & MRO Supplies

Traeger stocks the stud bolts you need for the assembly of your flanged connections. Refineries and power plants prefer the ASTM A193 B7 stud bolts with A194 2H heavy hex nuts. Refinery warehouse locations also feature A193 B16 stud bolts. Water distribution companies like the A307 GR B heavy hex machine bolts and nuts, often with a hot dip galvanized finish. For better corrosion resistance, order ASTM A193 B8 or B8M stainless steel bolts. In extreme applications Monel bolting can be specified.


The remainder of Traeger’s fasteners are ordered upon request. All sizes, types and materials are available, from tiny machine screws to log-like 6” diameter four foot long stud bolts for pier building. Galvanizing, zinc plating, Teflon and Xylan are all available coatings. Our partner manufacturers can provide any specification at any time. Urgent rush stud bolts? We’ll have them to you right away. Specify Lamons stud bolts for Traeger’s partner manufacturer’s products.

Rush Stud Bolts


The selection of products such as grinding discs should not be made solely upon their initial cost; a disc that wears out too quickly or fails spectacularly can cause more costly downtime than a quality disc costing a few cents more. This is why Traeger supplies high quality products from SAIT/United Abrasives and Pearl Abrasives.

Hand Tools

Make a list of the items you need in your toolbox and Traeger’s tool specialists will quote it complete. Choose from wrenches, socket sets, screwdrivers, pliers, hammers, benders, chisels, cutters, extractors, files, saws, knives, pullers, vises, punches, ratchets, scrapers, stamps, stencils, taps & dies, swagers, crimpers and more.

Material Handling

Big jobs require safe handling of big products and equipment. Traeger’s partner manufacturers can supply the highest quality certified and load tested nylon slings, wire rope slings, lifting cables, ropes, chains, hydraulic jacks, flange spreaders, pipe stands, pulley blocks, chains, clamps, containers, eye bolts, grips, hoists and pullers, carts and trucks, shackles, job boxes and more.

Measuring Tools

Measure twice; cut once is how the most efficient professionals complete their jobs ahead of time and under budget. You don’t want to scrimp on these tools when it can cost you many times over what the tools cost if the job has to be re-done because it was measured incorrectly the first time. Check with us before you buy calipers, dividers, finders, gauges, mirrors, magnifiers, tapes, meters, micrometers, bobs, levels, protractors, rulers, squares, straight edges, testers, indicators, wheels and wigglers.

MRO Supplies

Howard Traeger calls this “rope, soap & dope” and it encompasses all of the miscellaneous products required to keep your shop running. Choose from: Lubes, cleaners, penetrants, cables, fittings, funnels, hoses, keys, ladders, leak detectors, metals, screens, nets, pails, tubs, brushes, sheets, washers, regulators, scaffolds, scoops, shims, sprayers, strainers, filters, tarps, tubing, vacuums, and everything else you need that we forgot to mention!

Power Tools

Electric, pneumatic, gas powered or even hydraulic, Traeger has the right tools at the right price. Grinders, saws, drills, hammers, nailers, nibblers, screwdrivers, shears, wrenches, routers, scalers, sanders, riveters, tappers, busters, breakers, presses, lathes, shears and all of their pumps, compressors, parts, tools, blades, bits and accessories are just a phone call, fax or e-mail away. Contact your technical sales representative for a list of tool manufacturers Traeger represents.

Safety Equipment

Welders and machinists are constantly assaulted by the byproducts of their trade; Traeger supplies the equipment designed to make their time on the job safe and comfortable. Hazardous gas detectors, coveralls, gloves, respirators, hardhats, earplugs, safety glasses and welding helmets are all stocked items.


The Traeger tool catalog has been in the Caribbean territory since the 1980s, featuring only high quality professional products. You can reference it at Biggest Industrial Book. From power tools to hand tools to “rope, soap and dope” Traeger can outfit any mechanic with the right tool for the job. Let your sales rep know the tool you need and we’ll recommend the best manufacturer and model for your application.

Welding Equipment & Supplies

Traeger has long supplied welding equipment and consumables to the refineries and contractors that they serve in the Caribbean, and is a distributor for Lincoln Electric. Stick and Tig electrodes are stocked in their Miami facility. A full line of replacement parts, torches and layout tools are readily available.

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