Industrial fitting supplies

Each of the varying types of pipe valves and fittings you need to get your media from here to there but not in a straight line is included in this category. We provide you with CPVC pipe fittings or any other industrial pipe fittings, including any changes in direction, changes in piping size, taps, tees or outlets; just send us your material takeoff and we can fill it –any material, any time. Traeger stocks malleable iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized pipe fittings and alloys in their industrial material warehouses, making us your leading pipe valves and fittings distributor.


Whether you call it a bend, an elbow or even a sweep, Traeger has it. This can include the wrought steel 180° return bend that we have on our shelf, or custom bent piping to your specifications. If you need 300 ft of 2-1/2” pipe radiussed to fit the top of your fuel tank for your fire protection system, Traeger’s pipe bending shops are standing by to handle the job. Elbows and bends are available in malleable iron, forged steel (threaded or socket weld) and wrought pipe (A234WPB butt weld) from stock.

Caps and Plugs

Caps and plugs are used to seal the ends of your pipes, either temporarily or permanently. Available in cast malleable iron, forged steel (threaded or socket weld) and wrought pipe (A234WPBand A403WP316L) from our stock.

Concentric and Eccentric Reducers

Changing the size of your pipe run? Reducers can handle multiple size reductions; from 10” to 8” or 6” for example. Eccentric reducers allow the lowest level of your pipe to be maintained in a straight line to avoid fluid retention. Available in cast iron, cast stainless, forged steel (threaded or socket weld) and wrought pipe (A234WPB) from stock.


Crosses are exactly what they sound like – a four way equilateral piping connection. Available in forged steel (threaded or socket weld) and wrought pipe (A234WPB) from stock.


Elbows are used to change the direction of your flow. Angles include 11.25°, 22.5°, 45° and 90°. You can even get return bends (180°) if you need to make a u-turn. Traeger stocks the most common sizes and materials in 45° and 90° angles. Available in forged steel (threaded or socket weld) and wrought pipe (A234WPB) from our Miami stock.

Hammer Unions

Hammer Unions are quick connections used in oilfield applications. Traeger manufacturers have these available from their stock in a variety of sizes, pressure ratings and materials.


Instrumentation fittings connect small diameter brass or stainless steel tubing in runs for high pressure applications. Traeger proudly stocks and sell the Tylok brand. Tylok presently offers CBC-Lok double ferrule tube fittings and CS-Lok single ferrule tube fittings, both of which are interchangeable with industry standard designs. All fittings are proudly made in the USA!  Tylok also offers specialty precision pipe fittings and Instrumentation Plug and Ball Valves to compliment your instrumentation tubing needs.

Mechanical Joint Fittings

Mechanical Joint or MJ fittings are used in the water distribution industry for quick connections of ductile iron pipe and fittings. They are connected with a retaining gland and accessory pack that secures the ductile iron (or C-900 PVC) to the valve or fitting involved. MJ Fittings are available from several Traeger partner manufacturers in 1-3 days.


Nipples are just short lengths of pipe, typically threaded on both ends. However, they are available in a multitude of specialty ends as well. TOE is Thread One End. Or perhaps you need Grooved End x Threaded End. Plain End, Bevel End, Square Cut End…We can supply in many different styles, sizes, and lengths!


Outlets allow you to make a small diameter tap in a larger diameter pipe, often to connect a gauge, thermowell or small diameter run. These all have a welded connection to the run pipe, and a variety of connections as an outlet. These outlets can be can be threaded, butt weld, or socket weld. They can come off the main run at an angle or be designed to attach to the main pipe run when the main run is not straight. These outlets can also be attached to a flat plate. The welded side of the outlet can be flat for flat plate, but when it is to be welded to a round steel pipe, this side is contoured to fit the radius of the run size of the pipe, in what welders call a “fish mouth”. This contour is different depending on the radius of the run pipe – but one size can fit a range of pipe sizes – this is called a consolidation of run sizes. You may see a quote for a 0.50” butt weld outlet on a 6” pipe run described as an “Outlet Butt Weld 36” – 4” x 0.50”. The 36” – 4” relates to the range of run sizes that the outlet will fit.

Stub Ends

Stub ends are used in conjunction with lap joint flanges to allow the axial rotational angle of the flanges to be adjusted to any degree. The lap joint flange is slid over the standing end of the pipe and then the stub end is welded onto the pipe. The lap joint can then be slid back to butt up against the stub end and the flange then attached to its companion.

Swage Nipples

Swage nipples are lengths of pipe with threaded, butt weld or plain ends that reduce the sizes of the pipe run. Specify your material, sizes of the reduction, wall thickness and end configurations for complete and thorough product identification.

Tees and Wyes or Laterals

Tees are used to branch your flow off your main pipe to another run, either directly to the side (90°) or at an angle. The tee can be equal diameter on all sides, or reducing to a smaller diameter on any of the branches. Wyes or laterals make a similar branch connection, only at a smaller angle. Available in malleable iron, forged carbon or stainless steel (threaded or socket weld) and wrought pipe (A234WPB and A403WP316L) from stock.


Unions are used to connect two lengths of small diameter pipe, and are available in threaded or socket weld. The design of a union allows threaded pipe connections to occur without turning the pipe, as the nuts of the union turn to make the connection.


HDPE pipe fittings have the same purpose and general pattern as the steel designs, but they are available in several different connection options. Polypropylene compression fittings are a quick and easy way to connect HDPE pipes. Brass fittings can also be used in this application.

Electrofusion fittings of HDPE are welded connections that feature imbedded heating wires that are activated by use of an electrofusion machine, which sends current to the heating coils according to the amount required to create a perfect seal.

Butt weld and socket weld fittings use a heating plate to melt the fittings into the pipe, thus forming a homogeneous and solid, leak free connection.

Sizes: 1/8” – 60”
Schedules 10 – 160 Double Extra Strong
Pressure classes 125# – 9000#

Materials are available to match your piping specifications. See Traeger’s Pipe/Tube page for a complete listing.

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