Gaskets Distributors

Traeger Brothers stocks high temperature/high pressure spiral wound gaskets, non-asbestos cut rings and full face gaskets at all of their warehouses. Curaçao also stocks gasket sheets and packing. Miami also stocks red rubber full face gaskets for water service applications. Traeger’s gasket manufacturers can make all types of gaskets in their shops including:

Corrugated Metal Gaskets

Corrugated Metal Gaskets are high performance gaskets for heat exchanger or flanged applications. They feature a corrugated metal form for strength, and a coating of flexible graphite for a surface that conforms to your existing sealing faces. They mold in place filling surface irregularities and creating a superior seal. It can maintain this seal despite harsh effects of hydrocarbons or steam. You can substitute a CMG for double jacketed heat exchanger gaskets, cut rings or spiral wounds to solve challenging sealability problems.

Cut Rings

The most popular ring material is aramid fiber with NBR binder, replacing asbestos in the USA years ago. Full face gaskets feature bolt holes while ring gaskets do not. With our manufacturer’s computer controlled laser and water jet cutters and your pattern we can make any shape from any material specified.

Gasket Materials; for additional information go to

Steel Soft gaskets Packing
304  Non-asbestos Graphite yarn
316  Neoprene PTFE
321  TFE Carbon yarn
347  Flexible Graphite Fiberglass
410  SBR Metallic
502  EPDM Wire inserted
Copper  Hypalon Acrylic
Monel Ceramic Fiber GFO
Aluminum  Plastics PTFE impregnated graphite
Brass  Natural Rubber Carbon Fiber
Soft steel  Joint Sealant
 Inconel  Buna-N
 Alloy 20  Silicone
 Copper-nickel  PTFE Envelope
 Hastelloy  Tang inserted graphite
 Incalloy  Foil inserted graphite
 Titanium  Vegetable fiber
 Carbon Fiber/NBR Binder

Heat Exchanger Gaskets

Heat Exchanger Gaskets can have intricate patterns called partitions that must be perfectly crafted to match the pattern of internal passageways of the exchanger. These are often specified as double jacketed soft iron, steel, stainless steel or alloy sandwiched over graphite cores.


This new technology utilizes micro-grooves in graphite faced steel rings to provide positive seals longer and more reliably than traditional metal jacketed or spiral wound gaskets. They provide improved performance at lower seating stresses, and have excellent anti-blowout properties. Need to reduce emissions? Kammprofiles might be the solution.

Mechanical Seals

Complicated sets of spinning rings and springs, mechanical seals are the choice for high powered pumps and machinery. Traeger’s manufacturers can replace many modern mechanical seals.

Oil Seals

If you’ve got oil, you’ve got oil seals. Why not replace them now, along with some new bearings and avoid costly down time later. Better get a couple spares too. Send us your spec, we’ll get them on your shelf.


O-rings are everywhere! If it has a size, it can be replaced. Traeger can supply boxed assortments of o-rings, or o-ring kits with rubber cord by the foot and glue to assemble the exact sizes required.


Valve stems, pump shafts and propeller shafts all need packing to survive the heat, vibration, abrasion and corrosion of heavy industry. Picking the correct packing for your application is critical, yet easy with our expert help. Typically braided or extruded with a square cross-section, packing is rated to withstand different shaft speeds, temperatures, pressures, corrosive chemicals and abrasives. Carbon fiber, graphite and Teflon are common selections for highest performance.

Ring Type Joint

This high pressure gasket is a solid ring of steel that dovetails inside the grooves between two matching flanges. Grooves and gaskets are either oval or octagonal when viewed in cross-section.  We will often supply these along with high pressure valve and flange sets, which together can handle pressures up to 10,000 psi.

Sheet Packing

You can fabricate your own gaskets with our sheet packing and a gasket cutting set. Traeger sells several styles of gasket cutters. Aramid/NBR, graphite and carbon fiber are popular, some with stainless steel “tang” inserts, along with rubber, Teflon and cork.

Spiral Wound

These gaskets, made popular by the Flexitallic brand typically feature an outer, or centering ring of carbon steel, and wedged inside that ring, a winding of alternating strips of flexible graphite and stainless steel. Inner rings, comprised of another steel or stainless ring wedged inside the winding are required for higher pressure classes. Inner and outer rings are available in stainless steel, Monel, or carbon steel plus many other materials.  Windings can include 304 or 316 stainless steel or Monel for the ultimate corrosion resistance. PTFE or Thermiculite filler can substitute for graphite in some more severe processes.

Technical Support

Need help selecting the correct gasket style and material for your application? Traeger’s manufacturer’s engineers can use your data to select the correct gasket for your application. We will need pressure, temperature, media type and the physical sizes and finishes of the sealing surfaces. Give us a call; we’ll help you out.

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