Piping Accessories Distributors

Everything else your system needs to get up and going and maintain its efficiency is available from Traeger Brothers.

Steam is the engine that powers most high energy processes. Don’t let it go to waste. Maintain its efficiency with the correct style and size strainers and steam traps. Traeger can schedule a visit to your plant for a complimentary steam survey to insure maximum efficiency is being maintained in your system.


Overhauling a boiler? Traeger can help. You will need refractory insulation in rammed, gunnable or trowel form, and cast burner nozzle throats. Areas of lower abrasion and heat can use the pads, blankets or modules.

How is your pipe insulation looking? Need to recover with calcium silicate clamshell? How about mineral wool? Traeger’s direct connection with several manufacturers makes your job easy and economical. Traeger’s manufacturers can also supply the aluminum sheet to cover the insulation, and all of the straps, screws and fittings to complete the job.

Need tubing tools? Traeger represents Cooper Tool’s Airetool division, and can supply their mandrels and expanders for boiler re-tubing.

All processes use pumps of some kind, and Traeger can source the pumps, motors and accessories required from their partner manufacturers. High pressure seawater fire pumps? Been there, done that. Dosing and metering pumps? Every day. Couplings, coupling elements, expansion joints (rubber and steel), flex connectors and other specialty items? Count on Traeger to provide these promptly and economically.

Some other piping products that you might add to your list are orifice plates, flange insulation kits, gauges, pigtails, test equipment, rupture or burst discs, spectacle or figure eight blinds, rubber dock hoses or flexible metal hose, cam lock fittings, paddle blinds, test plugs and repair couplings.

How about barricade tape? Oil spill kits? Containment booms and absorbent pads? Silt fence or erosion barrier?

How about activated charcoal media or other bulk and/or lab chemicals? From a milliliter to an ISO container, or maybe even a bulk ship delivery directly to your tank onsite, Traeger has the experience to make it happen.

Instrumentation needed? Traeger can help. Sight glasses, level gauges, pressure and temperature gauges, thermowells, manifolds, fittings and tubing are available from stock in Miami, or from our manufacturer’s shelf.

Test equipment? How about pressure calibrators? Or tank gauges? Holiday detectors? Pressure recorders or graph paper and pens to feed them? Rodding tools? Test pumps?

Have you got a special requirement that your engineers have designed a solution for, but need a fabrication shop to build? We can supply the materials and work with the fab shop to build to your drawing and deliver the completed project directly to you.

Check with Traeger for all of the other items you need to finish your job – you will be set up ASAP.

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