industrial valves

With valves from ½” up to 24” in stock, Traeger can help control the flow of your process today. Gate valves, globe valves, check valves, butterfly valves and ball valves are all available right here at your leading industrial valve suppliers. Looking for reputable check valve suppliers that can get you product fast? Need an order of 3” 300# flanged cast steel Kitz valves? Your valve distributors at Traeger have it ready to ship today!


Traeger stocks a variety of ball valves for immediate delivery. Do you need threaded, flanged, or socket weld in stainless, brass, bronze or carbon steel? Is fire safe part of your requirement? How about NACE? Blowout-proof stems? ISO Mounting pads for easy actuation? Whether your valves are trunnion mounted or floating, Traeger is your choice ball valve supplier, capable of handling your job’s technical specifications. Kitz one, two and three piece ball valves in 150# and 300# ANSI pressure classes in carbon and stainless steel are in stock. You only need a 1000# WOG bronze threaded valve? Your order is ready for pick-up, or delivery to your forwarder or job site, or Traeger can ship direct by ocean or air freight direct to your job site overseas.

Representing premium manufacturers such as Apollo valve, Nibco valve distributors, PBV, Warren and Bonney Forge valve, we are a reliable distribution source of quality components.

On a budget? Try Jomar, Legend or C & C.

Actuated valves? Traeger can supply packages from A-T Controls, Sharpe, Limitorque, Rotork and others.

Butterfly Valves

As an experienced, butterfly valves supplier, Traeger now stocks Kitz’s highly engineered resilient seated butterfly valves, which feature some of the lowest torque values in the market. These low torque values prove Kitz’s engineering and production superiority, and allow the use of smaller actuation packages than their competition, creating cost savings to go with their already high quality. Kitz’s ductile iron line is available in lugged bodies and stainless disks. Should you require a cast iron body and aluminum bronze disc, Traeger’s butterfly stock can fill the bill. High performance, triple offset and fully lined butterfly valves from a variety of manufacturers are available for your special applications.

Nibco, Jomar, Pratt Industrial, A-T Controls (actuated) and other brands are also available.

Brass and Plumbing Valves

Kitz offers a full line of gate, globe and check valves for the plumbing industry. Their high quality control yields valves that are not only competitively priced, but are sure to provide long-lasting service. Nibco, Watts, Legend and other valves are also available from factory stock. Lead free is available.

Cast Steel

Kitz Valve is a premier manufacturer of cast steel valves headquartered in Japan with production facilities worldwide. Kitz has granted Traeger their South Florida and Caribbean distributorship for their entire industrial valve line. Traeger’s Miami warehouse stock includes their cast steel gate valves, which have been proven to outlast their competition in independent testing. Every Kitz valve component is rigorously tested before it leaves the factory to insure a long life of trouble-free service in your application. Traeger also stocks a complete line of Kitz cast steel globe and swing check API 600 design valves in sizes up to 24”, and in 150# and 300# ANSI B16.5 pressure classes. Learn more about their superior quality control at KITZ.

Traeger also stocks quality Warren Valves and Pan Korea brands (from Korea), Walworth (Mexico) and Bonney Forge (China). Factory stock from DSI, Williams, Crane, Neway, Velan and others can also be supplied upon request. Stainless valves in A351CF8M are no problem.

Control Valves

Control valves are used to control the flow of media by using integrated sensors that move the valve to positions based on conditions such as flow, pressure, temperature, and liquid level by fully or partially opening or closing in response to signals received from sensors and controllers in place in the line. Actuators and positioners allow the control valve to be opened to the precise position required by the process. Control signals can be sent in 4-20mA, 3-15 psi or SMART systems such as HART, Fieldbus, etc. Traeger can supply control valves from several sources, both industry standard manufacturers as well as more economical imports.

Forged Steel

Smith Valves offers Italian forgings that are fully assembled and tested in their ISO 9001 facility in Stafford, Texas USA. Traeger stocks Smith’s API 602 Class 800 A105 line. Need PED certification? Smith has it. Smith can also meet your needs in chrome, low temp, hydrofluoric acid and stainless bodies with a variety of trims. Extended bodies? No problem, they are good in stock just two days away. For more details visit Smith.

Other manufacturers available include Vogt, Edwards, Velan, Bonney Forge, Warren and more.

Modified Valves

Specially modified valves can be supplied through partner machine shops that specialize in valve modification. Your special requirements can be met with pressure-relieving bypasses, specialty trim, extended handles or bonnets, or extended valve bodies. All modifications, welds and specialty materials can be certified and the modified valves tested and warranted.

Specialty Valves

In addition to the valves on Traeger’s shelves, almost any valve from any manufacturer worldwide can be sourced through our partner manufacturers. Knife gates for non-liquids, pressure sealed bonnets for high temperature and pressure applications? Describe your pressure and temperature criteria and Traeger can take it from there. NACE? Sour service? No problem! Plug valves? PTFE sleeved or lubricated? Instrumentation valves to 9000 psi? Absolutely. Actuated valves? You bet your rack and pinion we’ve got them. Electric, pneumatic, even hydraulic actuation are available on all valve lines. New system solutions can be designed from your engineer’s analysis, or replacements can be identified for your obsolete products.

Valve Actuation

Traeger Brothers partners with several valve automation houses that actuate the wide variety of valves that we offer. Actuation is available for quarter turn and multi turn valves, including ball, butterfly, gate, globe, knife gate, diaphragm and plug valves. These valves can be supplied with electric, pneumatic, hydraulic actuators, both spring return and double acting. Positioners, indicators and limit switches are also available accessories. Ask your sales technician how to specify an actuated valve for more information. Valves can be manually controlled or integrated into your control network.

Types of valves available:

Gate Globe Swing Check Ball
Butterfly Resilient seat Piston Check Ball Check Floating Ball
Trunnion Mounted Ball Knife Gate Diaphragm Non-return
Stop-check Pressure Seal Y-Pattern Angle
Needle Automated Butterfly, high performance Plug-sleeved
Plug-lubricated Solenoid Steam Jacketed Bellows Seal
Block and bleed Diaphragm Relief Wafer Check
Bypass Pressure Reducing Hydrant Control
API 600 ANSI B16.34 Pump Control
Cock Piston Choke Pilot

Actuation: Pneumatic, Electric, Hydraulic

Accessories: Positioners, Solenoid Valves, Filters, Regulators, Limit Switches

End Connections available:

Flanged Butt Weld Socket weld
Mechanical Joint Sanitary Threaded
Grooved Ring Joint Instrumentation

Operators available:

Handwheel Lever Chain
Gear Pneumatic Electric
Nut Hydraulic

Valve Body Materials Available:

Carbon Stainless Exotic Alloy Non-Metal
A105 A182F304 Monel Bronze PVC
A105NLC A182F316 Hastelloy Copper-Nickel CPVC
A182F5 A182F321 Alloy 20 Ductile Iron
A182F22 A182F317L Alloy C276 Cast Iron
A182F11 A182F347 Alloy 400 Nace
A182F44 A351 CF8 Brass
A350LF2 A351CF8M

Pressure Classes:

150# 300# 600# 800# 900# 1500# 2000#

Wall Thicknesses:

S10 STD XH XXH S160 Custom
S40 S80 S20 S30 S60 S100

Types of Flange Faces:

Smooth Face Raised Face Machined Smooth Face
Ring Joint Tongue & Groove Male & Female

Sizes: 1/8” – 60”

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