Networking And Security Solutions

Aggregation/Core Switching and Routing

For over 10 years, carrier grade equipment from Extreme Networks has proven to be a powerful solution. Traeger Brothers currently provides Core Infrastructure product to over six core networks within the Caribbean region. In addition to hardware, Traeger and Extreme, provide Caribbean specific top level support and service further insuring success and reliability of the network.

LAN / WAN Networking

You want to avoid network “bottlenecks” and make sure your network is robust and efficient. Traeger can help to connect your LAN to the WAN environment while providing the pipe necessary to give your enterprise users fast and efficient connectivity.


Along with Extreme Networks, Traeger distributes carrier grade granular management software for your wired and wireless network. Management software is a single pane of glass that provides wired/wireless visibility and control form the core to the mobile edge.

Network Management

With a complete package of management software, Traeger can provide an end-to-end solution for your network. Offerings are available and can focus on specific areas including wired to wireless, traffic analysis and user access permissions.

Network Management/DCIM

Traeger distributes a management platform that can manage your network from wired to wireless. Let Traeger Provide industry leading software to examine your network, management and redeploy resources as network demands change.

Network Monitoring

Through partnerships with Extreme Networks, Traeger provides layer 7 analysis of all your data while managing it from end-to-end, wired to wireless. Traeger delivers carrier grade, industry leading monitoring.

Network Security

Traeger Brothers distributes the network security solutions to best work with your network requirements. Through many partnerships, Traeger is able to deliver a customized solution for your company’s specific needs. Multiple channels can be sourced, costs are leveraged to your advantage.


Network Interface Devices are needed for all premise applications at the demarcation point. Traeger carries a full line of NIDs with/without protection, gel sealed for resistance to moisture, tool-less, with voice/data splitters, modular, and expandable.

Optical Transport

Fiber is the backbone of most networks and is the best way to transfer high bandwidth over long distances. With experience providing product for many GPON deployments, Traeger has the complete solution for transporting and delivering to the customer premise over fiber media.


Distribution pedestals are essential in any networks. Traeger carries a full line of metallic and non-metallic pedestals. Non-metallic based product are the most prevalent in the Caribbean because of the salt air.

Power Products

Traeger carries a complete line of power products for AC/DC power, UPS systems, modular UPS systems, PoE, and any other requirement for your network.


Surges and lightning strikes can wreak havoc on a network with unnecessary truck rolls and wasted labor. Traeger has complete line of protection products from leading manufacturers.

Switching and Routing

Traeger Brothers has been a leading provider of switching and routing equipment for over 20 years. Distributing carrier grade, as well as customer premise and CPE equipment, Traeger has been the main provider of gear for many service provider cores in the Caribbean and other locations worldwide. The Networking team can assist in your design and implementation, and provide support for the most complex network needs.

Wireless Networking

The speed of wireless networks has reached a point where it has become a viable solution for enterprise customers. Once thought of as an added expense or security risk, wireless speeds and security are now replacing many wired networks. Traeger distributes a comprehensive line of access points and management software to create a secure and powerful wireless network solution.
Wireless is the next big expansion in the Caribbean. From metro-wireless to large Wi-Fi deployments, Traeger can assist in the design, implementation and installation of your wireless network. Find complete wireless solutions for your wireless LAN or your fixed broadband point-to-point or point-multi-point requirements.

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