Water is universal. Every individual in every community has a right to clean, pure water. In order for a government to deliver treated water, a source and system must be developed. The expertise in design and quality of products utilized ultimately determines the system’s success (drinkable water) and the longevity (reliability).

Traeger offers products that enable water managers to accomplish this task with maximum reliability and affordable cost. Internationally renowned manufacturers of brass fittings such as corporation stops, curb stops, meter valves and couplings such as Ford Meter Box highlight Traeger’s stock.

A wide variety of pipe materials and constructions are required depending on terrain, soil acidity, and system requirements. These piping systems are different in every region, and Traeger can supply almost any requirement, PVC, Ductile Iron, HDPE Pipes, Copper, Polyethylene, and cement lined steel pipes are all available from world class partner manufacturers. As experienced HDPE supply distributors, we have the capability to design and create a system that’s ideal for your project.

Proper flow control is critical to any water distribution system, and Traeger can help water authorities fine-tune this process. Altitude valves, float valves, pressure reducing and pressure maintaining valves are readily available from quality manufacturers such as Cla-Val and Watts. Water mains require control as well, and resilient seat gate valves in a variety of pressure ratings can accomplish this task.

Higher pressure valves for fire control or pump station work are also available. Underground butterfly valves and plug valves may also be required. We are butterfly valve suppliers that pride ourselves on speedy, high-volume production, enabling us to meet tough deadlines for projects of almost any size.

Once the flow leaves the main it is subject to controls such as corporation stops, curb stops and meter valves. Backflow prevention is an important concern, which can be relieved through a variety of available check valves. These can be supplied separately or integrated into meter valves or expansion joints. Our rigorous checks and quality control ensure that as check valve suppliers we produce products that are consistent with the highest possible build specification and materials.

Pipe connections must often be restrained to avoid separation due to water pressure; this can be accomplished through pipe restraints for mechanical joints and pipe bells.

Pipe repair clamps are invaluable and must be kept in stock in case of a puncture or other failure.

Other connections can be affected through flange adapters, by either clamp on or coupling style. Connecting the water main to the customer’s service connection requires pipe saddles, which Traeger can competitively supply in a variety of designs and materials.

Through these and other systems, the water authority’s valuable supply can be delivered in an efficient and sanitary manner to the customer’s location. With our commitment to cost-effective water supply systems, we are established ADS pipe suppliers that can create the outcomes you want for a surprisingly affordable price. Of course, even though our products are competitively priced, the cost for this must be borne by someone – whom should it be? Typically it is the customer, through a system of tariffs based on usages. How are these costs determined? The answer is through accurate metering.

Traeger is pleased to provide industrial and residential water meters in many markets and communities. These meters of the future feature the newest technology, allowing long service life and the highest accuracy available in a residential meter.

Whatever the requirement, if it is a waterworks product, Traeger can help.

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