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A variety of products are used to move water from the large diameter

mains to the customer’s connection.



When a new connection from the water main to the end user’s location is called for, the standard method is to clamp a brass or stainless saddle around the water main, and utilize a drilling machine to hot tap the pressurized pipe and install a valve into the saddle’s outlet. This valve is called the corporation stop. A supply pipe is then connected to that valve for the run to the meter box. Saddles are available with brass or iron bodies, and steel, brass or stainless bails or bands, depending on the application. Saddles or tapping sleeves can also be used to install air relief valves. Ford Meter Box is our approved manufacturer for these products.

Other water distribution companies might choose to use a self-tapping “ferrule” which is a saddle with a built in tapping cutter. These can be used without a tapping machine. Other countries have selected PVC saddles for their distribution system or just directly tap into their ductile iron systems, forgoing a saddle altogether. Newer systems may use an HDPE saddle, which can be clamped or fused to the water mains.

Taps are also available incorporated into a stainless steel repair clamp style connection. These are especially helpful when the direct tap on the ductile iron pipe fails and must be reconnected with a saddle!


Corporation Stop

Corp stops are installed at the tap into the water main. Their thread pattern must be matched to the tapping saddle on one end, and have the proper supply pipe connection on the other end. The connection for the supply pipe can be a push in type quick connection, a pack joint, male or female threaded end. Most of these will be installed under the street, so they will be typically opened and closed only once at the time the tap is made.


Curb Stop

Curb stops are used as water cutoff valves at the street or curb, between the corporation stop at the main and the meter box. These can be used where there are multiple metered accounts inside one facility. Watertight to 300 psi in either direction, these robust cutoff valves are designed to provide years of service. Ends are available in many different configurations, from meter nuts to quick joint, male or female threads, pack joints and other compression styles. Ball and plug (key) style closures are choices in this style.

Curb Boxes

Curb boxes are used to allow easy access to curb stops, which are cutoff valves buried under the street or sidewalk. Curb boxes allow the water authority to control the water flow to the customer. Available in a variety of materials and lengths, the lids can also note the type of service connection; water, gas, etc. Valve boxes are the larger versions, sized for larger buried gate valves.


Meter Box

Many different varieties of meter boxes are used worldwide, and in some applications meter boxes are not used at all. In the US Virgin Islands, a PVC water supply line is used to bring potable water from the corporation stop at the main to the water meter box for the end users property.

This meter box provides a safe and secure mounting location for the water meter, which is the cash register of the water utility for that customer. The standard meter box for the USVI includes a ball valve at the entrance – this serves the same purpose as the curb stop previously mentioned and allows the water service to that client to be cut off and the meter removed if required. Meter installation and removal requires no tools in this design, and security is maintained by the locking lid. Other features include a double check valve at the exit of the box, to prevent potentially contaminated water from entering the water distribution system from the customer’s lines or cistern. VIWAPA meter box specs also include a plastic lid to enhance the radio transmitters range for their remote meter reading system.

Other systems use hard connections for their meters, and either leave the meter exposed above ground or enclose it in a semi-buried fiberglass box. These systems are more economical but lose some of the safety and security aspects of the cast iron box design.


Brass Couplings

Brass couplings are the connectors used to unite sections of small diameter piping for the client’s water supply. They can be straight, tees, 90° or 45° elbows with a variety of end connections to fit almost any type of small diameter pipe. These couplings can speed installation times, eliminate hazardous solvents and last the life of the pipeline. These are used with PVC, PE, copper, PEX, galvanized steel and any combinations of the same nominal sizes of pipe in differing materials. They can even connect to Kitec/Q-Line PE-AL-PE lined aluminum pipe.

Polypropylene couplings

Couplings and valves for HDPE and PVC also include Polypropylene compression fittings. These fittings allow the pipe to be stabbed into the fitting and then tightened, with pull-out strengths exceeding the tensile strength of the pipes. These couplings can be straight, reducing, 90° or tee, male or female threaded adapters and combinations thereof. Polypro valves are also available from a number of international manufacturers.

Galvanized iron fittings

Still used in some countries, these fittings are inexpensive and easy to use, and are suited for high pressures.

Whatever the material, whatever the desired connection there is a good chance that Traeger Brothers has supplied it, somewhere in the world. Trust your water supply connections to Traeger!

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