Water Pipes Distributors

Whatever your source is; rainfall, desalinization or groundwater, the water supply must be moved from its source to the end user in a safe and efficient manner. Water distribution products encompass all of the components that are required to get water from there to here. Many different piping materials are utilized for water transport. Whether you opt for stainless steel pipe fittings, iron or cement, each material has advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to the water distribution engineer to decide which system works best in each application.

Here are a few that Traeger Brothers can supply:

Ductile Iron

Ductile Iron is a traditional choice which has served well for decades. DI pipe connections are simple, and the material is strong. Connections can be made with bell ends, mechanical joints and flanges. Recent innovations have increased ductile iron pipe’s flexibility and resistance to corrosion. For more information see


Copper pipe is a traditional high-quality solution to small diameter installations. This product excels in many areas but can be impacted by fluctuations in copper commodity pricing. Learn more about copper tubing water distribution.

Galvanized steel

Galvanized steel pipe is an economical solution with great pressure characteristics but can be affected by corrosion in some applications. Cement lined steel pipe is an AWWA approved solution for large diameter water mains and high-pressure force mains. Deciding which system to utilize is challenging, as it must match the water chemistry, the distribution area’s terrain and the existing infrastructure as well as product availability. Whatever the choice, as expert steel pipe suppliers, Traeger Brothers can supply the product as well as the peace of mind that comes with a reliable partner.


PVC-C900 is a popular medium to large diameter solution for water mains. C-900 is relatively lightweight and durable when installed properly. For potable water, these pipes are colored blue. C900 has the same OD as ductile iron pipe and thus can use many of the same valves and fittings in its connections. A wide range of pressure ratings is available, from 165 psi up to 305 psi. C900 is available in 2” – 12” sizes; above 12” the designation changes to C-905.


This scheduled pipe is the most popular for small plumbing jobs, house service connections, and other low-pressure water services. DWV (Drain Waste Vent) rating is used for non-pressure applications, Schedule 40 for pressures up to 220 psi and Schedule 80 up to 330 psi (depending on size and temperature) are popular small diameter solutions. These can be joined by threaded joints or with solvent based primers and glues. They can also be connected with bronze or Polypropylene compression fittings.


Chlorinated Poly Vinyl Chloride is similar in design and construction to PVC, but with the addition of chlorinated polymers that allow it to perform in higher temperature applications. Use CPVC for temperatures up to 200°F.


PE is Polyethylene pipe, available in high or medium densities. This pipe is used in many communities for their service connections. Often called “Blue Poly,” this pipe is available in convenient to use rolls in small diameter sizes. Be sure to specify OD, as this product is available in IPS (Iron Pipe Size) and CTS (Copper Tube Size) diameters. Learn more about PE.


High-Density Polyethylene pipe is available in a range of sizes and is becoming more popular for long piping runs. Joints of this pipe can be connected through electro-fusion, requiring the use of a heat generating cutting and joining machine, as well as special care to ensure cleanliness of the connection. Other mechanical connection types are also available; compression fittings for small OD pipe; flanged adapters for the larger sizes. Medium sized runs may also take advantage of electro-fusion or socket connections. Isco We are also ADS pipe suppliers who are able to offer a wide range of sizes. Products are one popular domestic manufacturer. Traeger Brothers have developed relationships with several other manufacturers. For metric pipe, Traeger Brothers proudly represent Alfatubo for all the Americas. Please contact your technical sales associate for additional product details. Learn more about the plastic pipe.


PEX (or crosslinked polyethylene) is small diameter flexible tubing that is connected with crimped-on fittings. Fewer fittings are required due to the flexibility of this product. Learn more about PEX.


Fiberglass reinforced pipe or filament wound fiberglass pipe products are available in a variety of sizes and constructions. Used commonly in desalinization systems due to its high resistance to concentrated brine, it is a strong and lightweight solution in many industrial applications.

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