Industrial Water Valves Distributors

There are a wide variety of water valves which are utilized in a water distribution scheme. These can include large diameter butterfly valves, resilient wedge gate valves, pressure reducing valves, altitude adjusting valves, air relief valves, backflow preventers, check valves, silent check valves, hydrants, fire hydrants, control valves, level control valves, balancing valves and more.

As your leading ball valve suppliers, butterfly valves suppliers, check valve suppliers and much more, we at Traeger Brothers only source the top supplies with the names you can trust such as Kitz valves, to always ensure the quality you can trust for your projects. We are a prominent & leading Kitz Industrial Valves Supplier

AWWA Gate Valves

Gate valves are an integral part of any water distribution system. They can be used to isolate a part of the system to allow for repairs to water mains. Typically manufactured from ductile iron, epoxy coated and with stainless steel stem and hardware, these valves are designed to be buried underground. With an operating nut and a non-rising stem, these are suited for use with a valve box and a valve operating tool. Traeger’s partner manufacturers can supply these to AWWA specifications or DIN bolting patterns to WRAS spec.

UL/FM Gate Valves

Gate valves for fire service are typically equipped with handwheel operators and rising stems for vault installation, or with a post indicator for buried service. Both versions are available in 300 psi ratings from a variety of partner manufacturers.

Flanged AWWA Butterfly Valves

Water tank valves are typically double flanged butterfly style with gear operators, as this butterfly design provides a tight seal and ease of operation at a lower price than a comparable gate valve.


Pressure Control Valves

Pressure management is a key requirement for well-planned distribution systems. Changes in usages over the course of the day can affect pumping and tank filling schedules. Moving water from hilltop storage to ground level customers requires altitude valves. Float control valves can be used for storage tank filling, while pressure management valves can adjust for pipe breaks to prevent costly spillage. Air relief and vacuum relief valves can rid the system of air pockets that can cause erratic behavior. Pump control valves can ensure that pumping assets are managed without dangerous shocks to the system. Learn more about Pressure Control Valves.

Check Valves

Check valves are used in pump/well applications, pumping station systems, storm water discharge, and backflow prevention. Advanced check valves can provide pump protection, ensuring positive shut off and surge protection caused by a sudden pressure reversal.


Low Lead NSF 61 Ball Valves

Traeger Brothers proudly represents Kitz Kitz now offers a low-lead brass ball valve with a stainless ball that is NSF 61 certified. This is a perfect solution for the small brass ball valves required by water distribution managers for their Lead-Free service connections.

Valves for Production

Don’t forget that Traeger stocks cast and forged carbon and stainless steel gate, globe, check and ball valves, as well as iron butterfly and silent check valves in our Miami warehouse. Kitz also has a line of brass and iron commercial valves. Learn more about Valves for Production.

Sluice Gates

Water treatment plants must often incorporate a series of sluice gate valves in order to move water from one tank to another for treatment and filtration purposes. These valves will typically have an extended operator, as the control room is often located above the flow chambers of the plant. These sluice or canal gates can also control agricultural irrigation water flow.

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