Water Pipe Accessories



Teflon tape and PVC pipe wrap tape are both available through AA Thread seal. Pipe tracing tape and wire, along with caution tape will help you finish the trench before you backfill it. Whatever you require to move, treat, pump, control or deliver potable water from its source to the tap, Traeger Brothers can help. Give your salesperson a call for fair pricing on quality products today.


Cast Steel Couplings

Cast steel couplings have a variety of uses in the 2” – 24” water supply piping application. They can be used to join two pieces of pipe even if the pipes are two different types and/or sizes. They can be used to make repairs where the pipe has split in two. If a pipe needs to be cut to install a valve in line, couplings can be used to re-connect the pipe after installation. Couplings can also be used to correct mis-aligned pipe. With Ford’s Ultra-Flex wide range coupling, one coupling can be used to connect pipes with different sizes, or of the same nominal size in different materials. This allows a few couplings to serve a wide range of applications. Other specialized couplings include reducing couplings, flanged adapter couplings, cut-in couplings and end cap couplings for end-of-line use. Dismantling joints are also available. Couplings are also available from our manufacturing partner, Romac.


Pipe Repair Clamps

Repair clamps can be used for temporary or semi-permanent repairs to pipes from ½” through 36” in all pipe sizes and materials. They can stop a leak from a pinhole or crack to larger holes depending on the pressure and other parameters. To install, just wrap around and clamp down. Ford’s all stainless FS1 style are best sellers. Other manufacturers available are Cascade and Romac.


Pipe Restraints

Pipe restraints are required whenever a water line encounters an obstruction (like a valve) or change in direction (like a bend) that can cause the bell and spigot or mechanical joint connections to separate. A traditional method of restraining has been a “thrust block” of cement to physically hold each connection to the ground. This method can be expensive in terms of time delays or manpower, and road re-openings as well as in material costs. An alternative is to use a mechanical restraint formed by an iron clamp on the pipe end and an iron ring behind the pipe’s bell, connected by steel threaded tie rods. Ford’s line of pipe restraints are called Uni-Flange, and features thrust restraints and flange adapters in sizes from 2 to 48 inch that can handle pressure up to 400 psi. Traeger is also authorized to supply pipe restraints from Romac and Star Pipe, among others.


Meter Test Benches

Meter test benches allow the testing and calibration of multiple water meters in a controlled setting. Water meters are your cash register; make sure they are measuring every drop of your product! Ford offers several styles and capacities, and their new system allows for digital measurement and tracking of each meter’s performance. Need to check meter performance in the field? Check the Sensus line of portable meter test benches.



Traeger Brothers provides products to help utilities protect their assets and secure their revenues including locks for fire hydrants, meter boxes, curb stops, water meters, manholes and curb boxes. McGard’s line of water utility security products can lock down the distribution system against water theft. Their proprietary screw head patterns insure that only your staff is able to access the property locked down with their security devices. Popular products include locking expansion connections to prevent meter theft, meter nut locking sleeves, meter box locking screws, and meter valve padlock wing armor. Trending now is their line of composite manhole covers, designed to add safety elements to the cover handling process while eliminating scrap metal thievery concerns. Visit McGard for more information.

Manholes and covers

Wastewater systems require manhole collection sites for their underground networks of collection pipes. These manholes can be constructed of HDPE, concrete or other poly materials. Each of these sewer collection sites need access from street level, so the utility will require a manhole cover and ring. Typically these are constructed of cast iron, however reinforced polyethylene covers are available for higher security or for increased safety and handling ease.


Traeger Brothers is a distributor for Reed Manufacturing, whose line includes tools for working with plastic and iron pipe. Water distribution system maintenance shops will require drilling and tapping machines, pneumatic hacksaws, shut-off tools and more. Pipe wrenches and pipe threading machines are popular for steel piping products. Reed’s plastic pipe tools include lever action pipe connection tools and pipe beveling tools. They also offer hydrostatic test pumps and a variety of small tools. Bingham and Taylor, another Traeger Brothers’ partner also offers tools for water field technicians like valve operators and cover removers.

Water Treatment Equipment and Chemicals

The purifying and treatment process utilizes many products that Traeger can help with, including dosing (metering) pumps, injectors, stirring motors and poly tanks. Several filtration manufacturers distribute through Traeger Brothers as well. Check Traeger’s prices for the variety of chemicals utilized in the treatment process, including alum, limestone, caustic soda, citrus based de-chlorinator, calcium hypochlorite and others.

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